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Club Fido’s day care program is designed to provide your dog(s) with a safe and fun place to be a dog. Our indoor/outdoor yards are the centre of action, giving your dog the physical activity and pack interaction they need while under constant supervision. Proper exercise, positive socialisation with other dogs and overall mental stimulation has proven to be the key to a healthy and happy pet. 

By providing day care to your dog, you avoid the problems associated with leaving your dog alone for extended periods of time. These may include: boredom, lethargy, stress, weight gain, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety and barking.

Our trained dog handlers monitor the packs - your dog’s safety and well-being is our first priority.

We recommend regular day care attendance for your dog to receive the full benefits of interaction with a mixed breed pack.


We operate as a private club, which means that you will have to have a referral or introduction to Club Fido from either existing members, our approved trainers or veterinary sponsor -  Dr Ian Schraa from Rappaw Veterinary Clinic and Dr Kiki Majert from Karori Veterinary Clinic.



Indoor area

400 square metres with separate areas for small dogs/puppies and larger dogs and plenty of toys and doggie furniture

Outdoor area
300 square metres securely fenced run - mulch, lawn and gravel surfaces and a grass and sand mound with toys, furniture and great views!


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